Contents tagged with meat quality

9 August 2021

Use of CT-based predictors of meat quality in sheep breeding programmes

2 July 2021

Development of novel technology (bio-sensors) for rapid analysis of fatty acid composition in meat from pig and cattle

19 February 2021

Find out what you can do to improve meat quality post-slaughter.

19 February 2021

Find out how a high level of stress in the last couple of days prior to slaughter can impact red meat quality.

19 February 2021

Learn how to handle and sort animals prior to slaughter to prevent damage to the carcase and avoid a decrease in meat quality.

19 February 2021

Find out how practices on farm can impact meat quality.

19 February 2021

Find out what factors affect meat quality and shelf life and what you can do about them to improve end product consistency.

2 February 2021

A new pilot project has been launched to look at the potential for DNA traceability system through the UK’s complex beef supply chain – with the first samples taken this week.

22 December 2020

Find out about meat safety and eating quality, from preventing zoonosis, to avoiding boar taint.

27 July 2021

Dry aging consists of placing unpackaged meat in a chiller under controlled temperature, humidity and airflow

27 July 2021

This project involved sampling beef from major retail outlets and undertaking shear force tests for toughness

21 October 2019

We have launched the latest version of our leading tool, the Meat Purchasing Guide, as a digital edition with 170 pork cuts now added.