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16 August 2019

The food-to-go sector is the fastest growing part of the eating-out market, but what are the opportunities for food operators to capitalise on the trend?

21 May 2019

Medics suggesting hospitals should stop serving sausages and bacon have misunderstood the IARC report

14 December 2022

The United States has some of the highest levels of food consumption in the world. We discover how their desire for low cost but high quality affect consumer demand and how premium British products could stand out in this highly competitive market.

8 December 2021

What's all the fizz about fermented? We take a deep dive into this trend and the latest innovations within the dairy category.

12 March 2019

Dairy is a category that is rarely eaten on its own. This report looks at how consumer tastes for different host foods are evolving and where the biggest future opportunities for dairy products might lie.

16 November 2018

Vegans make up just two per cent of the UK population – but the appetite for meat and dairy alternatives is growing as more and more people look for a wider variety of meals

3 June 2019

Britain is the winner when it comes to meal choices at restaurants and pubs in the UK – but it risks scoring an own goal if the foodservice industry doesn’t shake-up its offerings

4 June 2019

Could the rapid growth of dairy alternatives impact the dairy market?