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29 September 2020

Learn about how and when to vaccinate sheep against lameness diseases.

29 September 2020

Find out how to avoid spreading infection during handling, gathering and when the sheep are out in the field.

20 May 2021

Use this flow chart to help you identify the possible cause of lameness.

29 September 2020

Find out how and when to treat infected sheep to reduce lameness.

29 September 2020

Find out when to cull, or when to quarantine, infected sheep to reduce the spread of disease.

14 October 2020

Find out how to identify, treat and prevent lameness in your flock.

23 March 2020

Lameness is a serious cost to the sheep industry. In Great Britain, the estimated cost from footrot alone is between £20 and £80 million each year. Taking into account all the other causes of lameness, the total cost to the sector is staggering.