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17 March 2020

Septoria tritici is the most important wheat disease in the UK. Fungicides are currently the primary control method and anti-resistance strategies need to be applied to preserve and extend the useful life of these active ingredients.

3 April 2020

Read about the various control measures to reduce the risk from ergot in cereal crops. There is currently no EU legislation for maximum levels of ergot alkaloids but discussions in EFSA may result in future legislative limits.

23 June 2020

Yield losses to yellow rust can be prevented using a combination of varietal resistance and fungicides.

23 April 2020

Assess the risk of fusarium mycotoxins and record the score on the grain passport.

3 June 2020

The ‘Ramularia leaf spot in barley’ factsheet includes information on the life cycle of ramularia and control options. It also includes numerous images to allow ramularia symptoms to be identified and severity scored.

29 June 2020

The AHDB Recommended Lists (RL) for cereals and oilseeds. Download the 2020/21 booklet and access other RL resources.