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Contents tagged with farm excellence

1 April 2020

Strategic dairy farmer Arthur Owen gives an update on what’s happening on his farm at the end of March and the changes he’s experiencing as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.

17 December 2019

Results show attention to detail key at Strategic Cereal Farm East results day

20 January 2020

Desiccation, herbicides and haulm destruction results

19 November 2019

Nutrition, herbicides and desiccation trial results form across the Farm Excellence network

4 November 2019

Join us for a farm walk and review of second year and discussion on benchmarking

4 November 2019

For this meeting we will be joined by Marek Nowakowski on wildlife farming and Richard Suddes: Soil Farmer of the Year

16 January 2020

We will focus on markets and marketing. Join us to hear from Cecilia Pryce of Openfield and David Eudall of AHDB Market Intelligence

28 January 2020

For this meeting we will focus on sprayers and spraying

5 November 2019

Benchmarking our soils and businesses

27 September 2019

Replicated tramline trial at Strategic Cereal Farm West is looking at the impact of different cultivation strategies