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11 October 2021

We're supporting the NFU's Countryside COP with our own webinar: Greenhouse gases in crops

28 July 2021

What’s the difference between carbon trading and carbon offsetting? What do they mean for UK agriculture?

3 August 2021

There are lots of facts and figures relating to the carbon footprint of food and farming. AHDB data analysts breakdown what they mean and why they are different.

3 March 2021

Watch our latest environment webinars

26 February 2021

A glossary of terms relating to carbon and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions

9 August 2021

Carbon has become shorthand for greenhouse gases – a range of natural gases and particles – mostly water vapour and carbon dioxide, including dust.

6 December 2021

High-level insight into the evidence landscape around transitioning to net zero in the dairy sector to feed into the Evidence for Farming Initiative (EFI)

16 July 2018

The Greenhouse Gas Action Plan (GHGAP) sets out how the agriculture industry in England is responding to this challenge. It shows our commitment to helping to play our part in tackling climate change by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by three million tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year from 2018-2022.

30 June 2021

This guide provides an introduction to carbon footprinting, explaining what information is used to calculate one and what can be done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.