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15 November 2023

Join this online broadcast with Sean Cameron to learn about soil preservation techniques and carbon capture in agriculture.

15 September 2023

One of the questions I am frequently asked when I talk to farmers about carbon markets is whether they should enter a carbon credit scheme. It is a question that I find challenging to answer for several reasons.

21 November 2023

As custodians of the land, farmers have the potential to store carbon in their vegetation and soils.

17 August 2023

Insetting and offsetting are common phrases associated with carbon markets, but what do they mean, and why is it important you know the difference?

3 July 2023

The main watch points we have compiled for different carbon offers.

14 April 2023

Recently, Defra released updates on how they plan to support farmers and land managers in confidently accessing private sector payments alongside public payments (e.g., the Environmental Land Management scheme), for providing environmental benefits in England.

22 February 2024

With a number of carbon footprinting tools available, these are the questions you should consider when choosing which to go with.

30 June 2023

The green finance strategy will boost green finance to help meet environmental objectives, but what does this mean for farmers?

3 March 2023

An overview of regulated carbon markets, the Woodland Carbon Code and Peatland Code.

5 January 2024

A look into why there is a difference in the price of carbon credits from voluntary carbon markets compared to compulsory markets.

3 March 2023

Now the regulated UK Emissions Trading Scheme is established, the UK government wants it to evolve to include greenhouse gas removals, potentially impacting farmers in future.

27 January 2023

Series of webinars sharing the most recent research findings investigating methods to reduce emissions from livestock agriculture and how to apply this directly to farm