Contents tagged with Carbon

31 January 2023

My thinking about the direction of travel of carbon markets and the importance of natural capital

15 November 2021

Find out what green fuels are and how you can generate them on your farm.

21 June 2024

Farmers and growers will need to navigate a new and uncertain policy landscape, which may reward some practices and penalise others.

21 June 2024

The difference between carbon trading and carbon offsetting

20 May 2024

There are lots of facts and figures relating to the carbon footprint of food and farming. AHDB data analysts breakdown what they mean and why they are different.

14 July 2021

This webinar focuses on environmental and financial aspects to consider when using herbal leys.

22 November 2023

A glossary of terms relating to carbon and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions

10 July 2024

AHDB believes that thriving, sustainable, highly productive business for UK farmers and growers and their supply chain partners delivers a lower environmental impact and goes hand-in-hand with valuing and enhancing the natural environment.