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22 February 2024

Find out how to make effective breeding decisions using a suckler breeding plan

6 December 2021

HCC is undertaking a project to evaluate the ability to generate long term genetic improvements in the Welsh ewe flock

22 June 2021

Joe Carter's Holstein herd achieves an impressive daily lifetime yield of 20.4 litres.

15 March 2021

How Wallace and James Hendrie are improving fertility in their spring block calving herd by reviewing the previous calving season and fertility figures.

17 June 2021

Found out about our project on health, productivity, profit and the housed environment

3 January 2024

Key performance indicators (KPIs) provide a clear and direct measure to determine whether you're meeting your business goals

6 August 2021

Case studies from dairy farmers who've made improvements on their farms.

11 November 2020

Join us for an interactive workshop to learn about how George Wade can reduce his block calving pattern to six weeks.

10 July 2020

Owen Atkinson from Dairy Veterinary Consultancy Ltd & Dave Gilbert from Dairy Insight share the non-negotiables when it comes to fertility.

3 November 2021

Evidence based decision to improve dairy herd fertility

22 June 2020

Learn how to improve dairy cow fertility and profitability through proactive management with vets Owen Atkinson and Dave Gilbert