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Contents tagged with fertility

10 February 2020

Our new study examines how fertility is associated with a range of traits

25 March 2020

Improving dairy cow fertility

13 February 2020

Top tips for tupping ewe lambs to increase the chances of them getting in lamb.

24 October 2019

The InCalf guide for GB farmers calving AYR pulls together the accepted knowledge on dairy herd fertility management, drawing on AHDB’s extensive amounts of research and resources, as well as industry experts across Great Britain and beyond.

23 August 2019

Our bull selection manual explains what to look for when selecting a bull for breeding, including how to use genetics and EBVs, and judging if a bull is fit to work

12 November 2019

Our campaign to help consider your options about using sexed semen and make informed decisions.

14 February 2019

An AHDB Beef & Lamb Webinar