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8 December 2023

Stores remain a firm trade for the time of year. We review the latest price movements.

22 May 2024

Store cattle prices have rallied in recent weeks, with market drivers including finished returns and favourable forage supply.

10 August 2023

A look at the latest trends in store cattle markets.

16 April 2020

Investigating new systems which will make beef cattle more efficient to produce, less damaging to the environment and yet still more cost-effective for farmers

4 April 2019

Buying in livestock is risky and is the most likely way of introducing a new disease onto your farm. The cost of a disease outbreak can be huge. There are many potential diseases of concern as this checklist shows.

22 August 2019

Driving feed efficiency is crucial in all beef growing and finishing systems. This manual explains the different feed requirements of the growing and finishing stages of an animal’s life, providing valuable guidance on rationing for these separate phases