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30 July 2020

Join AHDB for a webinar looking at how the use of technology can aid disease detection and support efficient management of young calves.

12 June 2020

Brian Barker whats to see how far he can reduce inputs in wheat

28 November 2019

Post-mortem examinations (PMEs) are an important tool for the diagnosis and prevention of disease in farm animals and should form part of any herd or flock health plan. This guide is designed to help vets understand more about diseases that are prevalent in farm animals. (Online only)

14 July 2020

Strategic Dairy Farm: Esteemed vet Dr James Breen provides a detailed overview of his work reducing instances of Mastitis with Hillhead of Covington's Willie Baillie

6 January 2020

Improving existing buildings or designing new builds to the best standards has a lasting and positive impact on animal health and productivity. This manual covers a wide range of aspects to improve buildings for your cattle.

30 September 2019

Looking at the impact of liver fluke in cattle and sheep

23 August 2019

Red Tractor are looking for industry feedback on potential changes to the Safe Haven Standards, the seed potato assurance scheme.

29 May 2019

Industry needs to adopt a fully integrated approach to managing pests, weeds and diseases, to support sustainable farming in the long-term, according to AHDB.

16 March 2020

Rhizoctonia solani is an aggressive, ubiquitous soil-borne pathogen of crops worldwide.

23 April 2019

SCEPTREplus trials to control grey mould, smoulder and weeds in narcissus

29 March 2019

These alerts can help guide the application of protectant fungicides to oilseed rape.