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1 July 2022

An update from the Pork Sector Council Chair, Mike Sheldon, on the recent pig disease situation

16 March 2022

Our tool provides a strong indication of infection risk and can help focus disease monitoring.

25 February 2022

Watery mouth is an infectious bacterial disease that can kill newborn lambs usually within the first 3 days of life. Lambs pick up infection from the environment and the bacteria multiply very rapidly in the gut. Affected lambs die within hours.

17 January 2022

Epidemiology of cryptosporidiosis in farm livestock, assessment of zoonotic risk and development of control strategies

10 June 2022

For a cow footbath to be effective, the disinfectant needs to be able to reach the skin, and for long enough. This page takes you through considerations for making sure this happens.

10 June 2022

Find out how to encourage good cow flow and contact.

26 October 2021

Frequently asked questions about the Significant Diseases Charter (producers)

26 August 2021

When it comes to calving, cleanliness is paramount.

14 January 2022

Neospora caninum is a microscopic protozoan parasite which causes abortion in cattle determining significant economic losses, production inefficiency and animal welfare concern

4 January 2022

This project will investigate four possible hypotheses for epidemic of footrot of lambs in spring

4 January 2022

What really causes footrot in sheep - a national cohort study of the microbial diversity of Dichelobacter nodosus in sheep in sickness and in health

29 July 2021

Weed control in the first six weeks after sowing is critical to maize performance. Learn more about maize's damaging pests and diseases.