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19 March 2021

How the industry has adapted to the evolving wheat yellow rust threat.

11 February 2021

Read our findings on the best disease management strategies for Trichoderma aggressivum

11 February 2021

If you suspect Trichoderma aggressivum in your crops, it’s important to start testing right away.

11 February 2021

It can be hard to identify Trichoderma aggressivum in the early stages – find out what to look out for.

11 February 2021

Trichoderma aggressivum can ravage mushroom crops very quickly, so it’s important to learn what it is and how to act when you see the warning signs.

11 February 2021

See recommendations for preventing, monitoring and reacting quickly to evidence of fungal disease.

11 February 2021

Check you know the symptoms of Cobweb disease, how it spreads and what to do if you suspect an outbreak.

11 February 2021

Read about Wet Bubble symptoms, learn how the disease spreads and what steps to take to minimise your crop damage.

4 March 2021

Vaccine uptake in the beef and sheep sector

19 January 2021

A set of practical measures you can take to prevent and limit the spread of infectious diseases on your farm. On this page, we've compiled a range of advice and resources, from general best practice to farm-specific information to help you protect your farming business.

7 October 2020

Liver fluke manifests itself differently in cattle and in sheep but causes poor performance and health concerns on both accounts

14 September 2020

Join us for an overview of the BVDFree England Scheme. Our goal is to help you to understand your bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD) status and to use this information to eradicate the disease on farm. In this webinar we will be joined by Bill Mellor, Nikki Moore and a case study farmer to talk through the scheme, how it works on farm and the benefit to you.