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12 April 2024

In association with BGS and LIC/Cogent, Josh and Lauren Fincham, and Anne and Guy Trehane, are hosting a spring farm walk at Hampreston Manor Farm.

17 May 2024

Using clover can give a financial and environmental boost to your farm but you need to know and understand its value to your business

26 April 2024

Deferred grazing emerges as a valuable tool for livestock producers. By carefully managing grazing fields, farmers can reduce winter feed costs, enhance animal health, and promote ecological well-being.

30 January 2024

GB milk production in July is estimated to have totalled 1,028 million litres with daily deliveries for the month averaging 33.16 million litres per day

25 March 2022

Join us to hear how our research can be put into practice on your farm

24 November 2021

Effective fibre on rumen function, performance and health of UK dairy cows

11 August 2021

There are many ways grass can be used within the arable rotation. Read about the types of grass ley and the benefits for black-grass control.

14 July 2021

From seedbed preparation to post-establishment management, follow these tips for the successful establishment of herbal leys.

14 July 2021

See our information on choosing species for herbal leys and how to manage for grazing and silage.

14 July 2021

See our information on the benefits of herbal leys for livestock and the environment. You will find tips on managing bloat and the anthelmintic properties of herbal leys.

10 May 2024

Read about the benefits of herbal leys, how to establish, and how to manage for grazing or silage.

22 November 2021

Find out the advantages and limitations of self-feed and easy-feed silage.