Using clover can give a financial and environmental boost to your farm but you need to know and understand its value to your business.

In April, we held three events to show how unlocking clover's potential could be a simple solution to combat rising costs and fluctuating milk prices.

The sessions were aimed at those who are new to clover or have tried it before without success, through to the experienced grower looking to boost the quality of their grazing and silage.

Through expert speakers and cutting-edge research, these sessions set out to help you understand the value of clover, dispel some myths and find ways it can benefit your farm.

Topics covered include:

  • Reducing reliance on inorganic fertilisers
  • Cultivating home-grown proteins for both feed and environmental benefits
  • Fostering resilient swards and soils for enhanced farm profitability
  • Identifying site and seed selection with confidence
  • Embracing the role of diverse swards in shaping a sustainable future for your farm

Watch the event recordings