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26 May 2022

Find out about a low-cost, rapid nutrient test under development at Rothamsted Research.

18 March 2022

At what point should you quit chasing extra wheat protein?

10 March 2022

With fertiliser prices sky rocketing, what can farmers and agronomists do?

1 July 2022

Learn about our investment in nutrient research.

16 March 2022

Accounting for fertiliser and grain/oilseed prices, it calculates the adjustment in the amount of nitrogen to apply to cereals and/or oilseeds crops.

30 March 2022

Accounting for fertiliser and feed prices, it calculates the cost benefit of applying nitrogen to grassland.

17 November 2021

Our recent webinar explored how to exploit organic materials to keep a lid on the crop-nutrition bill.

12 November 2021

With artificial fertiliser costs high and Farming Rules for Water limiting the autumn use of muck, we look at how optimise the use of these organic materials in arable crops.

22 November 2021

Nutrient management guidance is set to get even stronger for cereal and oilseed crops.

22 November 2021

Dr Georgina Key explains how new guidance helps farmers adjust their use of costly nitrogen fertilisers and the likely effect this will have on yield

22 November 2021

AHDB has issued new guidance to help growers plan their nitrogen (N) applications, following a sharp increase in the cost of fertilisers.