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21 July 2021

How new results will shape RB209’s nitrogen recommendations for this crop.

22 July 2021

The Farming Rules for Water (FRfW) were introduced in April 2018 to fulfil obligations on diffuse pollution under the Water Framework Directive, particularly in regard to reducing phosphorus (P) losses to water from agriculture.

6 April 2021

Most UK areas breached the ‘high’ excess winter rainfall (EWR) threshold, according to final estimates published by AHDB.

16 February 2021

Most areas of the UK have already breached the ‘high’ excess winter rainfall (EWR) threshold, according to mid-season estimates published by AHDB.

11 February 2021

Find out what changed in the 2020 edition of RB209

18 November 2020

Find out how Andrew Palmer, KE Manager, has been working with stakeholders to assess the value of FYM and the impact it can have on crop productivity

11 February 2021

Find out what the AHDB is doing to support British farmers and how the horticulture levy is being spent.

5 February 2021

How to carry out, analyse and use the results of grain analysis.

18 August 2021

This project aims to predict grain protein content during late stem extension.

26 February 2020

Nutrient management plans need to account for the loss of nitrate from sodden soils and crop condition

19 November 2019

Software may now enable British farmers and growers to unlock the full potential of their land by applying the exact nutrients it needs.