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15 September 2021

A structured way to monitor soil health is being delivered by a five-year research programme.

16 February 2021

The third in the series of potato themed webinars based around soil health, rotation, machinery practices and new approaches to improving and maintain the health of soil which is used for growing potatoes.

28 January 2021

This series of webinars is part of the Great Soils Programme.

8 January 2021

Join us for the second webinar which is part of a series looking at soil health, aimed specifically at the potato industry.

24 November 2020

This webinar is the first part of the campaign aiming to raise awareness regarding soil health.

8 September 2020

Learn about the crop-friendly fungi focus of one our PhD studentship projects

20 August 2020

Extreme weather can quickly affect soil conditions and crops. During periods of drought or prolonged rainfall famers and growers often ask AHDB how they should be managing their soils.

14 September 2021

Guidance to help you adapt arable cultivations on a rotational basis

7 July 2021

Find out what makes soil and how it is classified. Discover common soil-related issues and how to manage them.

2 January 2020

Wheels, loads, tyre pressures, tyre selection, variable pressure and compaction

10 January 2020

Soil compaction, tyre selection and more

27 January 2020

Soil compaction, tyre selection and more