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13 March 2024

In 2023, pork production increased by 1.1% to 12.4 million tonnes according to the latest USDA forecast.

27 September 2023

The USDA reports that the US inventory of pigs stood at 72.4million head on 1 June 2023

22 May 2023

British lamb is being showcased at a major US trade show to help capitalise on opportunities in the foodservice sector.

15 March 2023

Good news for US red meat exports.

6 March 2023

A look at the red meat export opportunities in the US.

7 March 2023

This week, we're attending the Annual Meat Conference in Texas to showcase the high quality and sustainability of red meat products from the UK.

9 November 2022

Red meat buyers in the all-important US market will have the chance to sample pork from the UK at an AHDB event in Miami

7 December 2021

Rachel Rose takes a look at just what Brits think about imported food products against the backdrop of trade negotiations with Australia and the US

30 June 2021

Dr Phil Hadley shares his thoughts on the recent announcement that the US is lifting tariffs on UK pork and dairy

18 March 2021

New analysis highlights the risks and the opportunities a new trade deal with the US may bring for UK food and farming

1 November 2022

Independent evidence-based analysis on a possible US/UK trade deal to cut through the speculation and answer the questions on the minds of UK producers, consumers and the wider agri-food sector.

30 January 2024

The WTO recently ruled in favour of the EU allowing the bloc to impose up to $3.99 billion of tariffs on US goods from 10 November.