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12 November 2020

SmartPork webinar: The use of lean management to drive business performance

30 October 2020

Join us for an introduction to our SmartPork programme and find out how you can use lean management techniques to improve performance on your farm.

18 September 2019

Strategic SmartHort Centre - Thomas Thomson

3 September 2019

Strategic SmartHort Centres with Haygrove

23 May 2019

Lincolnshire and Herefordshire growers to demonstrate labour saving technologies

19 December 2018

Three areas to improve labour management for increased productivity

18 December 2018

What are the principles of lean and how could it benefit horticulture?

23 May 2018

Download the Grower magazine for Dec/Jan 2018. In this issue we ask you to think about Preparing for a Leaner Future through adopting Lean principles to help your business survive the rocky road ahead?