Contents tagged with LEAN

19 October 2023

Learn how Lean management principles were applied at Diss Monitor Farm to make small changes that add up.

4 May 2023

What if you were told there is a way to increase efficiency and quality without making major changes?

11 October 2022

Andrew Palmer, Pork Knowledge Exchange Relationship Manager, shares how lean management techniques are benefiting the Monitor Farms he's working with.

25 July 2022

The Monitor Farms participating in AHDB’s SmartPork programme, which introduces lean management techniques to improve how people work on farm, encourage business improvements, and increase cost savings, are now starting their main projects.

1 February 2022

As part of our SmartPork programme we champion Lean business methods, because we believe their adoption can help improve productivity and reduce waste.

5 January 2022

Find out how the simple hack of hanging a penknife from a bale trolley saved one farmer £90 per year.

22 February 2024

Here you’ll find real-life examples of how Lean techniques have improved profitability and performance across pig farms.

11 January 2022

Find out how introducing shadow boards improved on-farm efficiency as well as team relationships in this case study

11 January 2022

Find out how a simple change to the way pigs are moved and loaded saved over 40 hours over the course of a year.

25 October 2021

Hear about Lean Management techniques that you can use to improve on-farm efficiency and cut out waste.

28 September 2021

Find out how you can use the Kanban framework to manage critical tasks to improve your business efficiency.

13 November 2023

Find out how you can use root cause analysis to identify the root cause of issues in your business