Showing how Lean principles work in practice

Tuesday, 1 February 2022

As part of our SmartPork programme we champion Lean business methods, because we believe their adoption can help improve productivity and reduce waste. 

Our pork Monitor Farmers work with a Lean consultant alongside the pork Knowledge Exchange team to develop efficient farm processes. Part of this process involves completing a ‘waste walk’, in which we examine processes from start to finish and look for areas of inefficiency.

Sometimes the most straightforward solutions are staring us in the face. We have produced a series of web pages showing farm case studies: they show real-life scenarios where taking just 15 minutes to step back from the job – and looking at how and why specific processes are performed in a certain way – can ultimately save considerable time.

Each of the case studies reflects experiences seen across most farming enterprises, and you are likely to identify with many of them. The vital message is that even small areas of improvement free up time to pursue further improvements. So while each enhancement can be minor, together they add up to significant benefits.

The beauty of Lean management is that any business model can adopt it. Lean is proven to increase profitability and performance.