Monitor Farms

31 May 2022

Harry Sordy, who farms in partnership with his family, is looking to implement a new worming protocol based on the latest scientific research for his flock of over 4,500 lambs, which could prove to give big savings.

8 June 2022

One of the key objectives for Beef & Lamb Monitor Farmers, G Sordy & Sons, is to build farm resilience. To do this they are working to reduce costs, without compromising animal performance.

7 February 2022

A farming business situated on the North Cornwall-Devon border has been successful in applying to be a new AHDB Monitor Farm.

1 February 2022

As part of our SmartPork programme we champion Lean business methods, because we believe their adoption can help improve productivity and reduce waste.

25 January 2022

Brigg Monitor Farm helped people open up their hearts and their minds.

5 January 2022

Find out how the simple hack of hanging a penknife from a bale trolley saved one farmer £90 per year.

27 January 2022

Here you’ll find real-life examples of how Lean techniques have improved profitability and performance across pig farms.

5 January 2022

Find out how investing in a barrow and scoop saved one farmer 365 hours per year in staff labour.

5 January 2022

Find out how a farmer saved over £1,300 per year by streamlining the mucking out and bedding up process.

5 January 2022

Find out about the simple changes a producer made to add value and increase efficiency.

11 January 2022

Find out how introducing shadow boards improved on-farm efficiency as well as team relationships in this case study

11 January 2022

Find out how a simple extension cable improved efficiency and staff performance on an outdoor breeding unit.