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16 September 2021

Maize imports into the UK are a feature of every season, but how much could we expect in 2021/22?

15 September 2021

One market which has arguably seen more support than others over the last six months is oilseeds. This tightness started with strong Chinese buying of soyabeans. This was exacerbated by small South American crops and has continued with problems for rapeseed crops globally.

14 September 2021

With the 2021 US wheat harvest almost complete, autumn/winter planting is now getting underway.

10 September 2021

By the end of Tuesday (7 September), the GB winter wheat harvest was 90% complete. So we use the yield information to gain insight into the size of the UK wheat crop.

8 September 2021

ABARES released their latest crop report this week, boasting well above average production forecasts for a second year in a row.

7 September 2021

Last week ex-farm feed barley was traded for £170.80/t on average across the UK (spot delivery), the highest price reported since the end of June.

3 September 2021

The month of August captured continued growth in wheat markets, as bullish market news such as the August USDA World Agriculture Supply & Demand (WASDE) report spurred the market.

2 September 2021

Over the course of the past six months, we have talked a lot about the price of rapeseed. Yesterday, the Nov-21 Paris rapeseed futures contract closed at €564.25/t. Prices have moved lower so far this week, but the Nov-21 contract remains €187.80/t ahead of the average of the previous 5 November contracts.

1 September 2021

The UK’s wheat harvest progress was pegged at 46%, in the week ending 24 August.

27 August 2021

Global wheat supply has seen some drastic cuts in recent forecasts. But there are also questions about the quality of the wheat, not just quantity.

25 August 2021

On Monday, the EU Commission released their August crop monitoring report. There were no huge changes visible in the yield forecasts from a month earlier. In most parts of the north-eastern and western Europe, adequate water availability and mild temperatures have improved the outlook for some crops.

24 August 2021

The world is relying on record South American maize and soyabean crops in 2021/22 to support global supplies. But, dry weather already poses a risk to these crops.