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26 February 2020

European wheat markets took a hit on Monday which sustained into yesterday, amidst global market concern of the scale of the coronavirus. News of large production estimates for the Russian and Ukrainian wheat crop, further added to market pressure in a bleak week so far for wheat markets.

25 February 2020

Recently released Early Bird Survey (EBS) figures do not look promising for oilseed rape in the UK. At the end of last week Alex analysed a scenario outlook from the EBS data.

26 February 2020

This year is already one of the most challenging for growers in recent times and will be a memorable season for many number of years in the future.

21 February 2020

The latest Defra basics payments data was released this morning showing the total area of land eligible for direct payments in the 2019/20 cropping year for England. The data highlights some important and significant changes in crop areas relative to the Defra June Survey. Both surveys have their own statistical challenges, some of which were highlighted in David’s Grain Market Daily on Tuesday.

19 February 2020

In one of the biggest planting changes seen for many years, the area intended for spring wheat plantings has surged. Reports suggest large volumes of imported material has come into the UK to supplement domestic supplies.

18 February 2020

I may be paraphrasing Gordon Gekko when I say that information is the most valuable commodity. But it is true.

14 February 2020

Both old and new-crop UK wheat futures have risen since the rain began in September 2019.

14 February 2020

Both old and new-crop UK wheat futures have risen since the rain began in September 2019.

26 February 2020

Now that we have passed the halfway point for this current marketing year, it is worth taking a look at how exports have fared this season so far, and theoretically examining what the degree of carryover could be.

12 February 2020

Today’s extended GMD is focusing on the large volume of UK maize imports, large South American maize supplies and a big export campaign for Black Sea maize. It is likely that these factors will contribute to increased pressure for UK barley prices over the remainder of this season, with barley prices already fighting to stay competitive.

11 February 2020

UK feed wheat futures (May-20) closed flat yesterday, at £154.25/t. A continued weakening of the euro against the dollar has somewhat protected European markets from the further falls seen in global markets.

7 February 2020

Although we saw support for oil markets from 20th Jan after the shutting down of Libya’s oil pipeline, since then oil has reduced by 15.75% after the coronavirus outbreak in China.