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10 July 2024

In June the EU-spec SPP averaged 210.26p/kg, a decline of just under a penny compared to the monthly average for May.

20 June 2024

Dairy June forecast update: GB milk production for 2024/25 to slow due to challenging early season weather

7 March 2024

The pig population is forecasted to contract in 2024, following a decline in the sow herd which will likely impact production.

6 February 2024

Global milk supplies forecast: modest growth expected in 2024

22 December 2023

We explore the most recent cattle population data from Defra and BCMS

29 September 2023

We explore what the latest cattle population data from BCMS may mean for GB cattle supplies.

30 January 2024

Milk production growth is expected to be mixed in 2020, with the US showing the most growth.

30 January 2024

To better track milk solids production in the UK, we are adding a milk solids measure to our milk production webpage.

9 May 2024

This information shows the volume of cereal stocks held by merchants, ports and co-operatives in the UK at the end of February and June each year.

30 May 2024

The balance between supply and demand sets the overall tone of the domestic market. AHDB publishes forecasts of cereal supply and demand for the UK split into the areas of availability, consumption, exports and stocks. The estimates are updated five times a year and reported on a crop year (July – June) basis.

26 September 2018

Despite recent news that Vivergo is shutting down for the foreseeable future, AHDB market analysts say the impacts that will be felt, while important, might not be to the same extent as some might have initially assumed.

3 September 2018

A rallying call has been issued to industry experts across the UK to join forces with AHDB to help support its extensive collection of data for the cereals sector.