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14 December 2023

Our Slurry Wizard tool is being updated to improve user experience as it is required once again for round two of Defra's Slurry Infrastructure grant application.

21 April 2021

Find out why you should have sufficient slurry storage for your farm system. It is a legal requirement under several regulations. These regulations differ between England, Scotland and Wales, but their primary purpose is to protect human health and the environment.

21 April 2021

Find information on upcoming legislation for covering slurry stores. Compare different cover types and the practical benefits they can provide.

9 April 2021

Richard Tucker considers the options for replacing his loose housing with cubicles and a new slurry system.

30 June 2020

This report introduces the use of slurry cooling and associated heat recovery in the reduction of ammonia emissions from stored pig slurry.

2 April 2024

Our slurry wizard helps you work out slurry storage requirements, explore options and comply with regulations