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14 October 2022

Dealing with the dry weather of 2022 - a livestock farmer's view

20 October 2021

Introducing cattle into arable rotations to ‘beef’ up the profit margin webinar

25 June 2021

Since Neil joined the Farm Excellence network two years ago, one of his key focus areas has been to improve his grazing management.

28 September 2020

Join the GrassCheckGB team for a webinar on ‘Rotational grazing: principles, practices and tips’. The speakers are James Daniel, Founder and Director of Precision Grazing; John Frizzell, Business Development Manager for Datamars Livestock UK and Dane de Boorder, Youngstock and Grazing Manager for Pomeroy farm who are a part of GrassCheckGB. The conversation was chaired by Nia Davies, Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC) – Meat Promotion Wales.

31 July 2020

Join James Daniel (Progressive Farming Ltd), John Frizzell (Datamars Livestock) and Dane de Boorder (GCGB contributor) for this webinar focusing on how rotational grazing works on the basic principle of ‘graze and rest’, with increased grass growth and quality leading to better conversion rates for lamb, beef and dairy producers alike.

5 June 2020

Learning how to grow and use grass efficiently requires investment in the right infrastructure to make rotational grazing work, save money and simplify the workload. However, for those who are still building up their grazing knowledge, it’s important to realise that continued investment is needed to keep learning and fine-tune management decisions

5 May 2021

Forward planning is critical for Chris and Sarah Berry from Exeter who are aiming to increase output and reduce costs. After recently taking on full-time management of Higher Thornton Farm in Devon, Chris is aiming to improve their resilience to dry weather through diverse swards and grazing management

23 April 2020

Join AHDB Beef and Lamb for a live chat with suckler beef farmer, Tim Phipps from Bragborough Hall Farm in Northamptonshire.

27 March 2020

Farmers who took part in the AHDB Beef and Lamb-funded project, Beef from Grass, have seen fantastic results through implementing rotational grazing into their systems, with some trialling outwintering.

5 May 2020

With careful management, lucerne provides a nutritious and highly digestible crop for grazing livestock.

4 February 2020

Utilise your grass better with the introduction of herb rich leys in an arable rotation and livestock system

4 February 2020

Utilise your grass better with the introduction of herb rich leys in an arable rotation and livestock system