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25 July 2022

The Monitor Farms participating in AHDB’s SmartPork programme, which introduces lean management techniques to improve how people work on farm, encourage business improvements, and increase cost savings, are now starting their main projects.

5 January 2022

Find out how the simple hack of hanging a penknife from a bale trolley saved one farmer £90 per year.

22 February 2024

Here you’ll find real-life examples of how Lean techniques have improved profitability and performance across pig farms.

20 June 2023

Find out how you can use Lean principles to create more value and reduce waste.

10 January 2020

How we communicate with each other has a huge impact on efficiency, effectiveness, and farm profitability

20 December 2019

Making suckler cow systems more profitable through grazing management

7 October 2019

One of Liverpool’s leading chefs has taken up the challenge to inspire cooks across the country to use lesser-used cuts of beef and lamb in dishes.

21 December 2018

Farmers at a recent AHDB Hereford Monitor Farm meeting were warned that the costs of replacing a staff member could be as much as double their salary.

16 February 2024

Feed makes up ~76% of variable and ~56% of total costs. It may be possible to decrease the cost by switching to a cheaper ration or purchasing in larger quantities, but it can also be achieved through simple, practical actions to minimise feed wastage and to improve the efficiency of utilisation