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25 November 2022

Impact of rising costs on Farmbench results

30 January 2024

With risks remaining around high feed prices, it’s worth assessing how exposed margins are to feed

30 January 2024

Farmers supplying into fresh milk or manufacturing supply chains have been facing margin pressure for an extended period.

13 July 2021

In Q2 2020, the estimated net margin for GB pig production was 12p/kg deadweight or £10/head.

12 June 2020

Brian Barker whats to see how far he can reduce inputs in wheat

13 July 2021

Finished pig prices continued to rise in the first quarter of 2020. However, an increase in feed and labour costs have eroded away some of the potential margin gains.

20 July 2020

Useful tools and information about reviewing and monitoring costs to give you better control over your net margin.

9 April 2021

Results show attention to detail key at Strategic Cereal Farm East results day

22 May 2018

A report analysing dairy business performance including costs, milk prices and margins as well as GB cost of production against other countries worldwide and productivity compared with European farms.