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17 March 2021

An understanding of the pathogen’s life cycle will assist with disease prevention, early detection and control.

4 March 2021

Some crops are already showing symptoms in the field.

8 March 2021

The UK has found itself at the heart of a coordinated attack on CSFB

9 February 2021

An AHDB-funded PhD student is working on biological solutions to CSFB

17 March 2021

It is important to investigate the causes of poor establishment or growth

17 March 2021

To manage clubroot, extend the rotation, limit movement of infected materials, manage weeds, improve soil drainage and maintain soil above pH 7

20 May 2021

Find out how your choice of crops and varieties influences clubroot risk

10 December 2020

Learn about the drivers of risk and management options

9 December 2020

Leaves, flowers, stems and pods may all show symptoms of infection

16 June 2021

Carefully targeted sprays are particularly essential for this beetle menace

16 June 2021

This pest can destroy a plant’s growing point and cause crop failure