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30 January 2024

AMPE and MCVE updated to reflect latest costs in Q3 2023

20 February 2024

In the first quarter of 2023, the inflationary pressure impacting processing costs for dairy products has had a differential impact

13 July 2021

A guide to processing pork from farm to plate

12 July 2021

A guide to processing lamb from farm to plate

13 July 2021

A guide to processing beef

30 January 2024

Milk production off English farms has remained much unchanged in 2020/21, while processing increased

30 January 2024

As milk production rises, we take a look at when the curtailment of foodservice might start to stretch processing capability once again

29 July 2020

Pressure for free-buy markets and other insights as the UK begins to transition to a post-lockdown world.

30 January 2024

The loss of liquid and fresh demand has an immediate impact on milk processing capability in the country.