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27 March 2020

The value of sterling has continued to rally since my last GMD (Wednesday). At yesterday’s close £1=$1.220 and £1=€1.106. Sterling has continued to gain strength today. Dollar weakness is likely a key driver of the recent strength, with US data released yesterday showing a record number of citizens claiming for unemployment support.

25 March 2020

Following another week of rapid changes, we have put together a summary of the key changes and challenges facing the dairy industry.

25 March 2020

A template checklist for inducting new employees

6 April 2020

Consider possible changes to contracts, staff shortages, issues with transport, or availability of supplies and resources

25 March 2020

Consider if there are any feed or manure management issues that may arise during the outbreak of coronavirus.

25 March 2020

• The US government and senate have agreed a new stimulus package to try and reduce the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the US economy. The $2 trillion dollar package which includes a raft of measures aimed at supporting the US economy still needs to go through congress but is viewed as a step in the right direction.

8 April 2020

Overall tonnage has remained relatively stable to the previous week. However, this means it is still 19% higher than the first week of March.

1 April 2020

How retailers and consumers reacted to lockdown

2 October 2020

Questions answered on how coronavirus is affecting the agriculture and horticulture industries

26 March 2020

Using Defra and HMRC data, as well as AHDB’s own eating out review of 2019, it’s possible to approximate how supply and demand balance for each red meat in the UK.

24 March 2020

Yesterday liveweight lamb prices fell sharply. The daily GB OSL SQQ declined by almost 73p week-on-week, which is equivalent to around £30/head, to 188.64p/kg.

24 March 2020

The European Commission have recently implemented measures to ensure the free flow of goods continues.