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Contents tagged with Coronavirus

27 March 2020

Analyst Anthony Speight discusses the impacts of pressured crude oil on the rapeseed market, increased wheat prices from global demand and key parameters to observe as we progress into the season.

27 March 2020

Panic buying linked to the coronavirus has boosted retail demand for fresh potatoes and frozen products this week. Meanwhile, sales into foodservice have dried up as the public moves away from restaurants and public spaces.

20 March 2020

Sterling was volatile throughout the day as various news and information emerged, with knock-on impacts for UK feed wheat futures.

26 March 2020

Ensure that combinable crop collections from farms and their delivery to a UK port, store or final use destination are maintained through the current coronavirus situation.

1 April 2020

What we know so far in a rapidly changing picture

19 March 2020

After two months of shut down, China has begun to cautiously relax measures brought in to control the spread of coronavirus. We explore what this could mean for the global meat markets.

20 March 2020

EU dairy futures have shifted down as the impact of the virus continued to be felt across the industry

24 March 2020

We take an initial look at how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting dairy and livestock markets.

19 March 2020

We have some early indications about how the disease is affecting the supply chain in Italy

17 March 2020

There are concerns that New Zealand sheep meat originally destined for China might be diverted towards Europe. Reports from New Zealand have confirmed the diverted product has mainly headed towards the Middle East.

19 March 2020

Economic activity in China was much reduced for the New Year holiday, and then beyond as the government tried to limit the spread of coronavirus.