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29 July 2021

Read our tips on establishing maize, from cultivating to drilling, and solving any compaction issues.

6 August 2021

Location, soil type, altitude and field aspect should be considered before growing maize. Read about the pros and cons of growing maize under film here.

29 July 2021

From the benefits of growing under film, to the control of weeds, pests and disease, our information will help you to grow maize for silage.

29 July 2021

See our advice on how to assess the dry matter of maize, when to use an additive, and best practice for the maize silage clamp.

29 July 2021

See how the cost of maize silage, and maize grown under film, compares to grazed grass and grass silage.

9 March 2021

Find out more about growing and feeding maize to cattle and sheep.

4 August 2021

Our guide to cereal grain options for cattle and sheep feed can help you make informed decisions about what’s best for your system.

23 October 2020

Silage clamps should ideally be tested every four weeks over winter to maintain ration consistency for high-yielding herds. Even grass that is properly clamped averages 12% losses in dry matter over time, which affects intakes.

5 May 2022

This information shows the volume of cereal stocks held by merchants, ports and co-operatives in the UK at the end of February and June each year.

24 May 2019

If you're thinking of undersowing maize, this article from the Maize Growers Association will help you understand the benefits it might bring.

28 January 2022

Our analysts look at how the cereals market is expected to perform, using the latest available data

25 June 2018

Northern Ireland’s farmers flocked to the launch of AHDB’s new Monitor Farm