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26 August 2021

An overview of herbicide resistance and its management.

10 August 2021

Regular herbicide resistance tests indicate the resistance profiles present in the field.

10 August 2021

Slow the development of herbicide resistance by following these simple steps.

9 August 2021

To optimise herbicide effectiveness, follow these general principles.

25 March 2021

From rotation and cultivation to crop protection, Colin Chappell takes stock of all available information before taking final decisions.

14 June 2019

Early signs of decreased sensitivity to the herbicide glyphosate have been detected in several black-grass field populations in England.

11 April 2019

The herbicide active substance ‘aclonifen’ is now authorised as ‘Emerger’ for use in outdoor sunflowers.

5 May 2022

This web page hosts the latest guidance from the Weed Resistance Action Group (WRAG).

22 January 2020

Key independent bodies and industry companies in the UK have joined forces to promote best practice to help ensure the continued availability and efficacy of glyphosate-based herbicide products

10 August 2021

How to improve weed management in a rotation dominated by autumn-sown crops.

25 August 2021

As grass-weed herbicide options in oats are limited, it is especially important to use integrated pest management (IPM).