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16 September 2021

Library of potatoes research reports on weeds, herbicides and volunteer control

16 September 2021

Assessment of the crop safety of post emergence herbicides in a range of potato varieties (2012-2013)

15 September 2021

Managing volunteer potatoes in horticultural crops by spot spraying with glysphosate

15 September 2021

Review of weed control options and future opportunities for UK crops

26 August 2021

An overview of herbicide resistance and its management.

10 August 2021

Regular herbicide resistance tests indicate the resistance profiles present in the field.

10 August 2021

Slow the development of herbicide resistance by following these simple steps.

9 August 2021

To optimise herbicide effectiveness, follow these general principles.

25 March 2021

From rotation and cultivation to crop protection, Colin Chappell takes stock of all available information before taking final decisions.

15 September 2020

Hear the latest on foliar diseases R&D, new EAMU information and best practice guidance

13 August 2020

Find out which herbicides showed good results during SPot Farm trials after linuron was banned in 2017.

13 October 2021

This factsheet provides a summary of the herbicide options for weed control in narcissus crops.