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Contents tagged with herbicides

20 January 2020

Desiccation, herbicides and haulm destruction results

13 January 2020

Desiccation, irrigation, herbicides, organic matter results

3 December 2019

Desiccation, herbicides, PCN and storage dormancy results

19 November 2019

Nutrition, herbicides and desiccation trial results form across the Farm Excellence network

14 November 2019

Results from herbicide trials from across the SPot Farm network.

28 August 2019

Desiccation treatments demonstrated included Gozai® (pyraflufen-ethyl), Spotlight® (carfentrazone-ethyl), a salt-based treatment and pelargonic acid with or without flail treatment

9 August 2019

Irrigation, herbicides and organic matter also on the agenda

4 July 2019

Irrigation and pre-emergence weed control were also on the agenda for the 50+ attendees

14 June 2019

Early signs of decreased sensitivity to the herbicide glyphosate have been detected in several black-grass field populations in England.

11 June 2019

SCEPTREplus trials for new herbicide options for carrots

5 June 2019

Trials on herbicides, desiccation, water management and dormancy are planned for 2019

21 May 2019

A demo day at Elveden Estate looking at herbicides and irrigation