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11 October 2021

In previous years, speakers have looked at identifying and accessing markets, and the business of selling and communicating beyond the farmgate. This year, the emphasis is realising and valuing the brand of ‘UK farming plc’ as the industry goes forward post-Brexit with a new UK Agriculture Policy. As BPS reduces and ELMS is introduced, we focus on how farmers and businesses can capitalise on value and added value in the supply chain for the ‘public good’ they do.

2 February 2021

A new pilot project has been launched to look at the potential for DNA traceability system through the UK’s complex beef supply chain – with the first samples taken this week.

2 December 2020

This part includes presentations from Sandy McGowan, Cygnet PEP, Karri-Anne Lamb, Managing Director, Wickham Farms and Claire Hodge, Senior Arable Knowledge Exchange Manager (Scotland), AHDB

11 November 2020

An eight-week Spring campaign to support the red meat industry has generated £9.8million in incremental retail beef sales

29 May 2020

Holly Chen describes the impact of COVID-19 on life and business in China as the country recovers from the outbreak

14 July 2021

In recent weeks retail demand for mince has risen sharply. There is some product available from foodservice that could be diverted into retail, however this is unlikely to be enough to cover the increase in demand for mince at retail level.

9 April 2020

With the nation’s restaurants closed for the foreseeable future, farmers and chefs are teaming up to help people enjoy the perfect steak dinner at home.

13 January 2020

The latest phase of our Love Flavour, Love Pork advertising campaign will be back on national television from Monday (13 January).

14 October 2019

A new online training programme has been launched for pork to help expand the reservoir of meat skills and increase knowledge of cuts in the supply chain.

10 May 2021

Pedunculate oak acorns are difficult to store for longer than several months without significant crop losses due to desiccation, fermentation, fungal infection and premature germination

9 July 2021

Developing practical strategies to improve quality and storability of UK apples