Digital Passport 2024

An industry-wide consultation on the business case for implementing a digital passport for combinable crop movements began on 20 November and closed on 2 February 2024.

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The Digital Passport (DP) Leadership Group is leading industry efforts to answer outstanding questions around the practicalities, costs and benefits of a DP. These answers will complete a business case which will enable a decision to be taken on whether the DP should proceed or not.

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Industry DP Leadership Group

This group is chaired by AHDB Board member, Stephen Briggs. It meets weekly and comprises:

  • Robert Sheasby and Jonathan Lane (Agricultural Industries Confederation)
  • Julian South (Maltsters’ Association of Great Britain)
  • Luke Cox and Jamie Burrows (NFU) 
  • Andrew Connon, Jack Stevenson and Willie Thomson (NFU Scotland) 
  • Alistair Gale and George Mason (UK Flour Millers) 
  • Philip Kimber (Seed Crushers and Oil Processors’ Association)

Progress is being made and industry individuals are stepping forward to take the lead in several areas, e.g. in chairing and facilitating subgroups. AHDB is acting in a supporting role, ensuring that all relevant information from preceding project stages is available.

Development Group

This group is chaired by George Mason, Heygates. Its purpose is to:

  • Ensure the DP is fit for purpose, including following a load of grain through the passport process and will focus on ensuring that a digital system has the capability and ease of use to satisfy all users’ needs
  • Agree what data needs to be collected and contained within the system and how data flows through the system in order for the DP to work effectively 
  • Consult with all parts of the supply chain to map out existing processes and data flows
  • Establish implementation costs for both industry and the system  
  • Establish if and where extra work may fall in the supply chain 
  • Document the improvements in moving from a paper passport to a digital passport to the comms group for articulation in the business case 
  • Identify macro issues to be resolved before the business case can be agreed  
  • Identify micro issues to be resolved during any build phase

The Development Group comprises:

Development Group

George Mason (Heygates – Chair) ​

James Mills (NFU)​

Angela Gibson (Viterra Facilitator)​

Jonny Roberts (Boortmalt)​

Andrew Connon (NFU Scotland)

Lee Butler (FreshLinc Ltd.  Haulier)​

Mark Ryland (Observer)​

Martyn Bailey (Bairds Malt)​

Andrew Miller (RHA)​

Neil White (NFU Scotland)

Claire Eckley (NFU)​

Owen Southwood (Scotgrain Agriculture Ltd) ​

Howard Leland (Allied Mills)​

Philip Kimber (SCOPA)​

Hugh Burton (AB Agri)​

Simon Briscoe (Openfield)​

Ian Barclay (Roger Warnes  Haulier)​

Stewart Easdon (Ensus)​

Stewart Hymas (Alfred Hymas – Haulier)​

Mike Goodyear (Openfield)

Andrew Moir (NFU Scotland)​

David Padgett (Argrain – Merchant)

Data Group

This group is chaired by grower, Matt Culley. It will focus on who owns the data, how it is used, which parties can see which data and how future decisions on data governance will be made.

In addition, the group’s purpose is to: 

  • Develop proposals on all matters relating to data governance and sharing 
  • Review the earlier Agrimetrics data governance framework 
    Download the Agrimetrics presentation in PowerPoint
  • Discuss and propose to the Leadership Group the principles for acceptable levels of transparency, taking into account the risks and benefits across supply chains 
  • Discuss and propose to the Leadership Group if, and under what terms and conditions, it might be acceptable to look at and use aggregated industry-wide data 
  • Propose to the Leadership Group how decisions about how any changes to what data is shared will be made  
  • Determine what data will be shared within a supply chain and in which direction 
  • Clarify ownership and control of data  
  • Review how data will be kept secure

The Data Group comprises:

Data Group

Matt Culley (NFU – Chair)​

Andrew Moir (NFU Scotland)

Rose Riby (AIC – Facilitator)​

Richard Howe (SCOPA)​

Sarah Bell (Farmer)​

Jenny Buchanan (Carrs)​

Mike Dagg (Simpsons Malt)​

Ian Barclay (Roger Warnes  Haulier)​

Rebecca Gee (Crisp Malt)​

Stewart Easdon (Ensus)​

Angela Gibson (Viterra)​

Tom Rivett (H Banham Ltd  Merchant)​

Adam Short (Farmer)​

John McKinney (Whitworth Bros. Ltd)​

Mark Worrell (Openfield)​

Mike Walsh (Vivergo Fuels)​

Jack Stevenson (NFU Scotland)​

Steve Owbridge (Thompsons Feeds)​

Jonathan Lane (ADM)​

Steven Atherton (Whitworth Bros. Ltd)​

Magdalena Farrelly (Whitworth Bros. Ltd)

Where has the idea for a Digital Passport come from?

Discussions between key industry trade associations, including the NFU, AIC and UK Flour Millers, led to AHDB being approached to undertake exploratory work in 2020. The key objectives were to review the work done during the earlier 2012–2017 pilot project and to build on that, answering key questions such as how much it would cost to build and implement, and how could it be owned and funded.

Industry stakeholder representation

These trade associations play a key role in communicating industry views to the Leadership Group and project progress to member businesses.

Trade associationAbbreviationRepresenting

National Farmers’ Union


English and Welsh growers

National Farmers’ Union Scotland

NFU Scotland

Scottish growers

Agricultural Industries Confederation


Merchants and feed processors

UK Flour Millers



Maltsters’ Association of Great Britain



Seed Crushers and Oil Processors Association


Oilseed crushers

British Oat & Barley Millers’ Association


Oat and barley millers

Renewable Transport Fuel Association


Biofuel processors

Road Haulage Association



Note: Discussions with stakeholders in Northern Ireland have shown that digital passports are not a priority at present and therefore will not be in scope for the first phase.

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