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9 August 2023

Reports of good yield results for both Ukraine and Russia suggest larger crops. But the latest developments in the war put renewed uncertainty on access to their grains and oilseeds.

26 July 2023

Wheat prices, including UK feed wheat futures, rose sharply after Russian air strikes damaged port infrastructure and destroyed grain storage in Reni on the Danube.

19 July 2023

Yesterday, Russia announced that it was halting its participation in the Black Sea Initiative, or the Ukraine export corridor deal.

14 March 2023

The Black Sea Initiative, the Ukrainian grain export corridor, continues to keep uncertainty in grain markets short and longer term. It looks as though talks are progressing to secure a renewal, though how long the renewal period is for remains unclear.

6 December 2022

In recent weeks, global grain contracts have felt some pressure from competitive Black Sea wheat supplies in recent global tenders.

2 November 2022

Today, Russia have announced that they will resume their participation in the Ukrainian grain deal after receiving written guarantees from Kyiv not to use the corridor for military operations against Russia.

27 July 2022

Yesterday, we saw some renewed support across UK feed wheat contracts. These gains followed the movements in wider global grain markets. Below I run through some key market drivers this week and watchpoints going forward.

7 June 2022

UN talks with Russia to resume Ukrainian grain shipments, by lifting blockades on ports, continue to pressure global grain prices. The market sees some glimmer of hope that more Ukrainian grain may be accessible onto the global market.

18 May 2022

In my article last week, I discussed how rapeseed for the next marketing year (2022/23), withstanding any extreme weather events, will likely be in better global supplies.

27 April 2022

Yesterday we held our AHDB Spring Grain Market Outlook webinar. If you missed this, don’t worry! Some key messages are summarised below. You can also watch the recording too, using the video link.

22 April 2022

With the war in Ukraine still raging, the freight trading agreements that Ukraine uses to export its commodities to the world has changed. What does this signify?

22 April 2022

Yesterday, UK feed wheat futures followed Paris wheat futures down after the bank holiday. This was due to profit-taking, considering prices are at historic highs.