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12 October 2021

Predicting CIPC vapour and particle distribution in potato stores

12 October 2021

Effect of timing of application of CIPC on sprout control efficacy in potatoes

1 June 2021

This webinar covers an update from sprout suppression trials at SBCSR , optimising store use post-CIPC and what we wish we'd known a year ago.

18 May 2021

This webinar will explore the imporatnce of Maleic Hydrazide for storing potatoes without CIPC.

10 May 2021

Join this webinar and learn more about optimising your store following the use of CIPC and how to adapt it to suit a new sprout suppressant.

17 December 2020

This project is assessing levels of CIPC contamination from UK stores, with a range of historical applications of CIPC to support this application.

13 November 2020

In the first season without CIPC, making use of all available tools and methods for controlling sprouting will become paramount.

24 July 2020

A list of key questions that you’ve been asking during our storage webinars.

28 August 2020

Latest data on AHDB trials on potato variety dormancy

24 June 2020

Sutton Bridge experts present alternative sprout suppressants, political updates and a review of the importance of MH

11 June 2020

Reducing CIPC levels for future crops could make the difference between having a saleable crop or not.