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27 June 2019

When will you have to stop using CIPC? What support are we offering? What alternatives are there?

19 June 2019

Chlorpropham’s (CIPC) status as a herbicide and sprout suppressant has not be renewed.

12 April 2019

As a final decision on CIPC draws nearer, here's how we're offering support

5 March 2019

The latest scientific progress in all fields of post-harvest research and development will be presented at a conference in Norwich on 12 to 14 March.

25 June 2019

Our Harvest Toolkit includes a wealth of information on market prices, harvest results, straw, good sampling practice, grain storage and grain marketing

7 November 2018

Best Practice Guidelines For The Use Of CIPC Sprout Suppressant, Chlorpropham (CIPC) is the main sprout suppressant used on around half of the stored crop of 3-3.5 million tonnes of potatoes in Great Britain. This document belongs to the Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group and is hosted here by AHDB Potatoes.

8 November 2018

Adrian Cunnington at the Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group on how to be CIPC Compliant

8 November 2018

Adrian Briddon Discusses Best Practice for Residue Control

8 November 2018

Mike Storey discussing CIPC Stewardship

19 October 2018

Practical information on improving the use of CIPC in bulk stores

8 November 2018

Dr Glyn Harper presents the promising findings from AHDB Potatoes' project 'R464: Ethylene for Processing', showing the potential for use of ethylene in combination with CIPC as an effective sprout control strategy for potatoes

19 October 2018

Adrian Briddon updates on upcoming statutory CIPC label changes; what to expect and how to prepare for the step down in dose rates and requirement for active air recirculation in stores.