Contents tagged with Net Zero

13 February 2024

AHDB welcomes the recent Defra report which provides new insight into harmonising approaches to assessing carbon at farm-level.

15 February 2024

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has recently published two reports relevant to livestock emissions

9 February 2024

An overview on the work AHDB is doing to ensure that policy decisions are fully informed about the full contribution our levy payers are making to net zero.

19 December 2023

See what you could get from a carbon audit and what actions could improve your footprint, based on the results from our strategic and monitor farm carbon audits.

5 December 2023

Applying the alternative metric GWP-star to methane emissions at a national scale

5 December 2023

National statistics are often used to show agriculture’s contribution to climate change. Here we give an overview of what they are, and some of the limitations to their use.

19 September 2023

A new study demonstrates the importance of GWP* for more accurately assessing the climate impact of methane originating from livestock.

18 September 2023

In July 2023, a new study by authors across eight UK institutions further highlighted the need to consider multiple metrics when assessing the climate impact of foods.

5 December 2023

Explaining GWP-star, an alternative measure for calculating the impact of methane on the climate.

21 November 2023

As custodians of the land, farmers have the potential to store carbon in their vegetation and soils.

17 June 2022

Learn how worms munch their way through disease-infected residues.

14 December 2023

Find out how to have your say on the future of the dairy industry.