Contents tagged with Net Zero

13 November 2023

Find out how to have your say on the future of the cereals and oilseeds industry.

1 November 2021

UK Dairy Roadmap announces historic net-zero climate ambition

25 November 2021

Find out what anaerobic digestion is and how it can help the agricultural sector move towards becoming net zero.

15 November 2021

Find out what green fuels are and how you can generate them on your farm.

29 July 2021

This interactive webinar aims to provide an opportunity for dairy farmers and other industry stakeholders to learn more about the challenges of working towards Net Zero, as well as how the Dairy Roadmap is working to drive the industry forward

5 December 2023

There are lots of facts and figures relating to the carbon footprint of food and farming. AHDB data analysts breakdown what they mean and why they are different.

15 July 2021

Christine Watts, AHDB Chief Communications and Market Development Officer, said: “We welcome publication of the National Food Strategy and a number of the recommendations highlighted, particularly improved food education in schools.

9 February 2024

Carbon has become shorthand for greenhouse gases – a range of natural gases and particles – mostly water vapour and carbon dioxide, including dust.

10 January 2024

AHDB believes that thriving, sustainable, highly productive business for UK farmers and growers and their supply chain partners delivers a lower environmental impact and goes hand-in-hand with valuing and enhancing the natural environment.