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8 June 2022

Researchers have trained a tool to recognise a beetle pest of crops, even at night.

4 November 2021

Learn how pest management rests on a rapidly developing, variable and complex set of alternative solutions.

19 July 2021

Diss Monitor Farmer, Richard Ling, hopes his on-farm companion crop trial will help control CSFB.

29 June 2021

It is essential to consider the drilling window and how this affects pest pressure – of both CSFB adults and larvae.

26 February 2021

Paul Gosling looks at how to make the best choice for your rotation.

8 March 2021

The UK has found itself at the heart of a coordinated attack on CSFB

26 January 2022

An AHDB-funded PhD student is working on biological solutions to CSFB

21 June 2021

Carefully targeted sprays are particularly essential for this beetle menace

16 June 2021

This pest can destroy a plant’s growing point and cause crop failure

8 December 2023

This work tests ways to avoid or mitigate cabbage stem flea beetle risk.

24 September 2021

Agronomy Week will showcase the latest research and provide agronomists with practical management strategies to use across the rotation.

28 July 2020

Factors that influence cabbage stem flea beetle (CSFB) pressure in winter oilseed rape (OSR).