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8 December 2023

Stores remain a firm trade for the time of year. We review the latest price movements.

29 November 2023

We outline the improvements we're making to our voluntary deadweight prime sheep pricing series.

28 July 2022

The GB deadweight EU-Spec SPP rose by 1.19p in the week ending 23rd July, to 194.28p/kg.

14 June 2024

Answers to the most common questions about deadweight pig price reporting

11 July 2024

EU deadweight pig prices

12 July 2024

GB deadweight pig prices (EU spec)

12 July 2024

GB deadweight pig prices (UK spec)

19 June 2024

The way for sheep producers to maximise returns is to produce and sell the type of sheep buyers really want and are willing to pay for. This manual covers the key issues producers face when marketing prime lambs, from identifying target markets to selecting lambs to market