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21 June 2021

Read about grower site two's secondary outbreak of ToBRFV

21 June 2021

Read about the experiences of a ToBRFV outbreak from 3 UK growers, the lessons learned and improved biosecurity measures implemented as a result.

11 March 2021

Join us to hear about some of the latest highlights from the protected vine crop industry and AHDB-funded projects. A range of topics will be presented, from information on contact transmissible viruses, crop protection, energy, and labour management.

24 August 2020

Virus and disease threat can last for up to 3 weeks after desiccation, say experts working on the third year of trials at our Farm Excellence sites.

20 October 2020

Adrian Fox, of Fera, discusses what is involved in testing and answers questions (FAQs).

7 December 2020

Agronomy Week will showcase the latest research and provide agronomists with practical management strategies to use across the rotation.

11 February 2021

These provide information on the symptoms, detected and management of Mushroom Virus X

6 August 2020

Best practice and tips for managing outgrade piles in order to control blight and viruses

12 August 2020

The following lists the ‘best practice’ hygiene and biosecurity procedures identified from the study tours in Europe and Israel.

7 August 2020

Read about standard recommended hygiene practices that should be integrated into your horticultural business.

16 March 2021

Learn about how tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) is spread, which plants are susceptible hosts and the key symptoms to look out for.

22 February 2021

Find out about UK and international outbreaks, and what to do in the event of an outbreak.