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9 December 2021

Bread wheat prices have reach unprecedented levels. But what does this mean for the humble loaf of bread?

31 August 2021

Online dairy volumes rose 71% in the past year, but opportunities remain

18 May 2021

We outline why the year-on-year change in retail volumes of beef, lamb and pork have started to slow

12 March 2019

This article looks at how the UK retail landscape has changed over the years to meet changing consumer needs.

16 August 2019

In an age of the time-poor consumer, fuelled by ready meals and hyper-convenience, there is still a strong urge for many to try cooking from scratch.

4 June 2019

A snapshot of online and convenience channels and their market share

4 June 2019

What's driving inflation, and how might the food supply chain be affected?

4 June 2019

Times are good for sales in the organic sector. A report published by the Soil Association reveals organics in their fifth year of growth and although share of total grocery sales is small, the sector is worth over £2 billion. What are the market conditions driving this growth?

4 June 2019

Christmas 2017 sets revenue record for grocery sector