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24 November 2021

Information on helminth infections in dairy cattle

14 January 2022

Brown Stomach worm is the most common species of nematode parasite that infects sheep in the UK

28 June 2021

Join Andy Forbes, independent consultant in ruminant parasitology, honorary Professor at Glasgow University and member of COWS to learn more about the options for parasite control at housing time.

27 February 2024

Assessing and reducing pasture risk is a key element of a successful worm management plan.

27 February 2024

Guide to the key elements of a successful worm control plan.

27 February 2024

A quick guide to effective worm control in cattle.

3 June 2020

Prepare and plan for delays to shearing service due to social distancing measures in place to control COVID-19.

9 April 2024

This booklet provides an accurate, easy-to-use reference guide on all available anti-parasitic products in their various chemical groups and summarises the parasites they have been licensed to control.

19 January 2022

Review of sheep parasite control measures with reference to climate change

18 January 2022

Impact of grazing on parasites

1 November 2019

The most significant single influence on the success of any flock is the shepherd. Whether you intend to keep half a dozen sheep or several hundred, the same principles apply. This guide gives an introduction into sheep farming to improve both animal welfare and productivity.

3 October 2018

Liver fluke, a common parasite, which is growing in prevalence across the UK, is having significant implications for the productivity of the UK’s agricultural sector.