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29 May 2024

Welfare is important to shoppers and overall, consumers have positive perceptions of British agriculture.

27 September 2023

The USDA reports that the US inventory of pigs stood at 72.4million head on 1 June 2023

2 January 2024

As the cost-of-living crisis deepens and a growing number of shoppers say they buy whatever pork is the best price, how could outdoor pork products fare?

2 January 2024

A recent AHDB/Blue Marble study showed that the humane treatment of farm animals has joined the environment, rising energy costs, Covid-19 and the state of the NHS as the topmost tier of societal concerns

25 November 2021

Dairy Research Partnership Phase I

25 November 2021

Phase II of the Nottingham research partnership

24 November 2021

Reducing the use of Veterinary Medicines

24 April 2024

Animal welfare is claimed to be one of the most important factors for consumers when choosing meat products, after other considerations such as appearance and price.

7 December 2021

According to Kantar, 12% of primary and processed pigmeat volumes held an outdoor claim, in the year ending 16 May 21.

11 February 2022

Sustainable agriculture has become something of a buzzword in the media. Therefore, identifying consumer attitudes towards and understanding of grass-fed or pasture reared livestock is crucial, as a ‘grass-fed’ claim could become a point of difference to shout about.

15 November 2021

Research on preventing respiratory disease in calves

3 November 2021

Research investigating claw horn disruption lesions in dairy cattle