Contents tagged with animal welfare

12 March 2024

Research investigating bovine ischaemic teat necrosis in dairy cows.

2 February 2021

A new pilot project has been launched to look at the potential for DNA traceability system through the UK’s complex beef supply chain – with the first samples taken this week.

26 November 2021

A strategy to reduce crude protein levels within dairy cow diets without compromising performance health welfare or fertility

26 November 2021

Strategies for grazing and supplementing high yielding dairy cows

3 November 2021

Evidence based decision to improve dairy herd fertility

26 November 2021

Assessment of the welfare of dairy cows in GB

26 November 2021

On farm strategies to reduce the impact of Johne’s disease in British dairy herds

26 November 2021

Evaluation of the incidence and prevalence if major conditions of dairy cows in GB

6 December 2021

We explore how engaged consumers are with food production issues, which elements of the food system are most trusted, how demonstrating shared values can boost trust, where consumers get their information from and will look at potential barriers to trust in the future.

7 March 2019

Lloyd Holterman from Rosy Lane Holsteins, Winsconsin, will share his philosophy on breeding better cows.