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7 November 2023

Research tested an induction model for sole ulcers, predominantly built around enforced standing and poor foot angle. What can we learn from this study?

7 November 2023

How to provide feedback as part of the Healthy Feet Programme

14 November 2023

Andrew Fry, a Mobility Mentor and a fully-audited trimmer member of the Cattle Hoofcare Standards Board, gives his experiences of running the First Aid For Feet course

8 November 2023

As market conditions and inflationary pressure have impacted on the economics of dairy farming, it has been necessary to re-evaluate the cost estimate of lameness in cows

23 June 2023

Researchers have applied some of the principles applied to mastitis cases and this time looked at including claw horn lesion data into statistical models to see what we can learn

23 June 2023

Sarah Smith of George Farm Vets tells us about the new Lantra-approved programme that aims to unite farm vets and hoof trimmers to improve mobility

23 June 2023

We talk to George Jones of Priory Vets in Cardigan, west Wales, about the steps that led to them offering a full foot trimming service for cows

30 November 2022

Nick Bell gives a roundup of the Cattle Hoofcare Standards Board conference, held at Hatherley Manor on 30 September 2022.

1 December 2022

Whilst mobility scoring gives us a snapshot of how many cows are lame at the time, a single score doesn’t tell us what’s happening to that prevalence figure.

28 November 2022

In addition to the materials and resources available exclusively to Mobility Mentors, AHDB publish a number of excellent resources to support delivery of foot health training and on-farm advice, says Nick Bell.

28 November 2022

The Graig Olway Team with Alan Colebatch (Fully Audited CHCSB Member) and Sara Pedersen (Farm Dynamics Ltd)

6 September 2022

From the 1–5 August 280 researchers, foot trimmers and vets attended the Lameness in Ruminants (LIR) conference in Minneapolis.