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11 May 2021

Brassicas can be infested by several species of aphid. Find out about the most important ones, what damage they cause and what you can do to limit their activity.

6 August 2020

What are the most important aphids? Does it vary between England and Scotland? Where does potato virus come from?

26 March 2020

Where to get tests, how to interpret results, and which test is more accurate?

26 March 2020

When do aphids fly? How do they spread virus? Find out here

9 March 2021

Suction trap aphid data and weather data is used to forecast aphid activity

9 March 2021

Regional information on aphid species and numbers during the main flight period.

13 March 2019

Aphids will start to fly about two weeks earlier than average this year.

6 September 2021

Found out about the network of traps that provides regional information on aphid species and numbers.