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22 January 2021

Findings on where reductions in costs or increases to yield can be made in cultivation practice.

21 January 2021

Trial results on desiccation, aphid control, MH application, weed management, irrigation, PCN, and cultivation

12 June 2020

Brian Barker whats to see how far he can reduce inputs in wheat

16 June 2020

ereal and oilseeds farmer Gary Willoughby is the latest addition to AHDB’s Farm Excellence network and hopes to find success under scrutiny at the new Wainfleet Monitor Farm.

9 April 2020

A summary of the most common cultivation methods for potatoes

26 January 2021

Reductions in cultivation depth and nitrogen use increased yields as well as saving costs

7 May 2019

Controlling crop establishment costs while maintaining soil health and crop yields. A joint FarmHerefordshire and AHDB event.

4 March 2019

Once more SPot Scotland has shown you can vastly reduce nitrogen use without seeing any negative impact on yield or crop quality. In fact, we have seen better yields when less nitrogen has been applied.

14 April 2020

Despite growing interest in green manures using them in intensive vegetable rotations is particularly difficult. This has led to few large-scale vegetable and salad growers using them. This case study details the main green manure species suitable for use in high value vegetable and salad rotations, and summarises the benefits they can bring.