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12 April 2024

In association with BGS and LIC/Cogent, Josh and Lauren Fincham, and Anne and Guy Trehane, are hosting a spring farm walk at Hampreston Manor Farm.

20 October 2021

Panel discussion: How to successfully manage sheep on herbal leys webinar

14 July 2021

From seedbed preparation to post-establishment management, follow these tips for the successful establishment of herbal leys.

14 July 2021

See our information on choosing species for herbal leys and how to manage for grazing and silage.

14 July 2021

See our information on the benefits of herbal leys for livestock and the environment. You will find tips on managing bloat and the anthelmintic properties of herbal leys.

10 May 2024

Read about the benefits of herbal leys, how to establish, and how to manage for grazing or silage.

14 July 2021

In the fourth webinar of our herbal leys series, the panel will share practical farming experience of managing herbal leys, via short presentations and a Q&A session.

14 July 2021

A discussion on the impact of herbal leys on animal performance and soil health as well as sharing their experience of establishment and management.

22 July 2021

Join AHDB, NSA and British Grassland Society for a panel discussion specifically for sheep farmers, to discuss ewe and lamb performance on herbal leys

24 May 2021

From slugs to stem eelworm, read about the common pests and disease of clover.

24 May 2021

Bloat and fertility are common issues related to grazing clover. See our advice on minimising the impact in grazing livestock.

22 February 2024

Find out how slurry application methods influence clover production.