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7 January 2021

Reducing antibiotic use is a top priority for the livestock industry, so understanding when to use them is an important part of the Healthy Feet Programme.

25 August 2020

Find out about how the Healthy Feet Programme (HFP) can help you to reduce lameness on your farm by identifying and applying the right solutions.

25 August 2020

Our Healthy Feet Programme (HFP) aims to help dairy farmers reduce the number of lame cows on their farms by identifying and applying the right management techniques.

30 July 2020

Find out how to manage, prevent and treat less-common lesions in lame cows.

9 August 2020

Mixed lesions usually occur when a claw horn lesion becomes infected. However, an infection can lead to claw horn lesions, so prompt treatment is essential.

23 November 2020

Find out what does what in a cow’s foot.

5 May 2021

Find out how to identify lameness and check your herd’s foot health.

23 January 2019

Practical advice about reducing herd lameness from Owen Atkinson of Dairy Veterinary Consultancy Ltd

18 January 2019

Identify the early warning signs of tail biting using our poster and take early action to help prevent tail biting problems

17 January 2019

Identify the early warning signs and take early action which can help prevent tail biting. This poster is helpful for training unit staff and particularly useful for new starters.