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19 November 2019

This section of our rotational grazing series for beef production will help you tailor nitrogen application to your desired level of grassland production,

18 November 2019

If grass growth is not meeting animal demand, it’s important to take action. Read how to build up your grass covers in this section.

15 September 2022

This section of our rotational grazing series for beef production will assist you in calculating a feed budget to meet stock requirements.

18 November 2019

Your grazing plan will change and adapt depending on the circumstances. Read how to tailor yours to maximise the performance of your herd off grass.

19 November 2019

In this section of the rotational grazing system series for beef production we look at pre and post-grazing cover targets

19 October 2023

To introduce a new grazing system in the spring, planning must begin during the previous autumn.

19 November 2019

Grassland management is the key driver to increasing growth rates and stocking rate from grass.

19 November 2019

A successful grazing system depends on allocating good-quality grass to meet the animals' requirements.

19 November 2019

Infrastructure is key to setting up a simple paddock system. If you spend time initially in setting up the infrastructure, the movement of cattle and the creation of paddocks will be a lot simpler in the long term.

29 October 2019

Good grazing management aims to make the most of the grass that grows. The aim is to prevent plants getting to the fourth-leaf stage and dying.

23 March 2020

Grass is an important crop and grazed grass is the cheapest feed on farm, yet it rarely earns the respect it deserves as a potentially high-quality, natural ruminant feed. This manual will help producers develop new, more efficient grazing strategies to improve returns for their business