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2 February 2023

This will be an opportunity to meet up and network with like-minded farmers and learn from international experts.

15 August 2022

‘Developing People in Agriculture’ was one of the topics discussed in the Pig Forum at this year’s British Pig and Poultry Fair. AHDB’s Mark Campbell and Izak Van Heerden chaired the open panel sessions, which focused on the steps needed to recruit, train, and develop staff.

7 June 2022

Learn about the different kinds of misconduct you might encounter in the workplace, and how to go about investigating an employee’s behaviour.

7 June 2022

Learn about the benefits and drivers of employee engagement, and find ideas for developing your own engagement strategies to keep your workforce motivated and happy.

8 December 2022

When you’ve got your full farm team up and running, you need to support your employees to keep learning and developing new skills.

8 December 2022

Learn to create a long-term plan for your business, with advice on how to promote people, the benefits of workforce and contingency planning, how to manage resignations and how to prepare for a business handover.

5 July 2024

The onboarding process is your new employee's introduction to your farm and business processes, so it’s important to get it right.

19 January 2024

There’s lots to think about when you’re managing people: how to communicate and delegate effectively, how to track performance, and how to inspire and keep great employees on your farm team.

19 August 2022

A performance review is an informal one-to-one meeting where you and your employee sit down to discuss how they think they are performing, and how you think they are performing.

7 June 2022

You’ve posted your job advert and, hopefully, received lots of applications. Now it’s time to decide who you want to interview.

18 August 2022

The interview is typically the first time the applicant will meet you face to face. It's a great opportunity to showcase your skills and attitude as a manager, and to get to know your prospective employee.

18 August 2022

How to go about offering someone a job.